COVID19 Vaccine Certificates/Cards

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Buy Covid19 Vaccine Cards Online . we provide vaccine card certificate for all those who don’t want to take the Vaccines but need the vaccine cards for work and travels.

Our vaccine certificates are registered and authentic showing clearly that you have been vaccinated and reflects in the country’s database system with a valid vaccination number.
Only the the serious once should contact us, we don’t have time for child’s play or time to waste around here. you should be very sure and know what you coming for with your money and details ready before contacting us do not come here and start asking useless questions because once I realize you not been serious I will block your contact immediately. Do your research well and know what you trying to get. We provide certificates for all those who don’t want to take the Vaccines but need the vaccine certificates to run their daily activities without any problems.
The country’s we have access to their data base and can get the cards registered at the moment are

USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Scotland, Czech Republic Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Kuwait, Dubai, China, Finland, Spain, Germany, Latvia, New Zealand, Wales ,Poland ,Turkey, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Portugal ,Ukraine, Norway, Australia, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and India.

Working to get access to other countries medical systems and will update the list

5 reviews for COVID19 Vaccine Certificates/Cards

  1. Larry marvin

    The best Place to get your covid19 vaccine cards, very reliable and trustworthy. Thanks Jimmy

  2. Lizzie welse

    Thanks for my package Jimmy,i just received my cards.hopefully I’ll come for more cards

  3. Patrick shiek

    Jimmy Black Market is just the perfect place for you to get your covid19 Vaccine Cards,they deliver at your doorstep.thumbs up Jimmy.

  4. Elizabeth Jane

    Doing business with you was never a mistake Jimmy, I got my card delivered and I got my job company had been on my neck for a covid19 vaccination proof.
    Thanks very much Jimmy

  5. jimmy

    Thanks Jimmy you’re a real plug, I got my card delivered,on my way to secure my job

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